Skidding from
One word to the other
My eyes caught you
In between sentences
An inherent message
That susbstantiates our
Decisions and regrets

I always wondered
How to face it
When the time tide
Pulls us apart
My eyes whelm with tears
With the imagination
Of separation

Today love is a verb
Giving us some occupation
Tomorrow it will be a tense
To use in conversations
I want to see how you’d
Describe my eyes
From present to future

I had a reason
To forcefully
Open my sleep ridden eyes
On Sunday mornings
To read
Notes you left
After I fell asleep

I look forward
To days ahead
With wishful eyes
Foolishly expecting
You to call on me
Despite ending
This unholy pact

How we reharsed
Over realisation
Of impossible dreams?
I remember
How you immitated
My dancing eyes

The look in my eyes
Doesn’t dance anymore
It drifts
From dream to reality
Carefully before
Something harsher
Crosses my heart

Drawing myself closer
Withdrawing desires
I’m looking away
With tightly shut
Teary eyes
Don’t hate me
If you feel
I haven’t
Reciprocated enough

Goodbye love

Thanks to the poetry society Kaafiya Milaao for the prompt word: EYES


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