I’m guilty of
Sucking my mother’s labour
And draining my father’s pockets
I’m a parasite
That eats away
Her own life givers’ resources

I wish they killed me
Before I multiplied
Into a burden
That never sheds

Should I not be tried
In all the courts of the world?
Should I not be convicted
For existing without gratitude?
For consuming without returning?


I should be sentenced
To the most brutal death penalty

A death that compensates
The emotional abuse
My father endured
The nights he worked
For those extra bucks

A death that justifies
My mother’s selfless sacrifices
The abuse
She absorbed
The days she dragged herself
Despite ill health

A death that recovers
All those years
That went by in hoping
All those wishful thoughts
That were murdered
All those investments
That never yielded a penny

I’m the ill fate
The misfortune
The unwanted
The curse
I should be washed off
Their hands
They should be done away
With the long lasting SHAME!


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