Unresolved Mind Issues

I wonder if ideal minds exists.

I wonder If ever people can think only what is meant to be thought.

Is it possible to not have anticipations?

Is it possible to absolutely live only in the present, now in this minute?

Is it possible for minds to not wander to a different time space, ahead or behind?

Does anybody live like they don’t care about results, about plans not working?

Do pieces of advice on ‘how to think’ work? If anybody tells you not to worry, can you really stop worrying?

Is it ever possible to control the mind, every minute, everyday?

How can one not be bothered by pressures from people towards whom they have a moral obligation?

Can anybody not be effected by other’s lives? Lives of their peers?

If all that you are doing now in the present is for future, how is it possible to not think of future?

I suppose only super-humans don’t get second thoughts.

The attitude talk that a wanna-be does- “I am invincible, I am courageous” is pretty cliched, empty pride.

Vanity will get you no where.

An imagination which is filled with imaginary people, whom we might or might not come across in future.

A visualization of self-victimization inflicted upon us by these imaginary people.

A paranoia about a destructive future, a lost self, a destroyed identity and crippled  self-esteem.

These thoughts.

Is it possible to not be invaded by these thoughts?

Who are those ideal people, with ideal minds who cannot be affected by these mind issues?

Take me to them.

I want to learn how they do it, how do they get enough sleep?

How do they get out of bed without dragging?

How do they live in the present and pretend like there’s no future?

How do they live life without regrets, without bothering to please others?

I want to learn that art of living in the present, with fulfillment.


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