Dear writer, please read!

If you read less, you’d end up writing half cooked thoughts, in substandard English.

You’d be rubbing worthless, unimportant pieces of literature on busy people. You’d be adding to the unnamed, non-purposeful random content which deserves no time.

You’d be torturing the empty souls which are searching for meaningful conversations between readers and writers.

Don’t commit these atrocities on modern minds, minds which cannot hold on to a subject for more than 5 minutes.

Read so that you can better other’s lives, so that you can show your respect for other’s time.

Building up from figments of imagination, on vague ideas is a very difficult art. It comes to only those who live in different, many places, for a short while. If you cannot do that, please read before you write.

Imagining impossibilities is not easy. Read so that you know what has already been imagined as not possible.

Sharing emotions on trivial things is impatient writing, read so that you know how to get people to hold on till the last page.

Writing long sentences is classic, but reading them in the mind is a virtual breathless process. Read and learn how to write short ones, let people breath silently.

Read because you need fodder to write. Read because only a fool can be totally original. Please read.

Like what you read? Kindly leave your thoughts in the comments, helps me write better. Never miss my posts, do follow up 🙂

with love,

magykars ❤


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