Long white velvet gown

Could hardly stand in the them, the waters, so cold. Lifting up the beautiful long white gown with one hand and placing the other on his strong shoulder she stands by his side admiring the clear waters and the fast moving fish. “We come here everyday, I always wonder whose boat is that?”

He smiles at her, “She must be a lost one, perhaps awaiting someone to take her to her destiny on the other side of the waters”

“What’s on the other side of waters?”


Her sparkling eyes were stars in day light. Her hair dancing to the winds of the forest whispered in her ear. “Ask him! The moment has come!”

“Do you believe in signs, prince?”

Why? Do you?

“Yes, I can see the boat will meet her destiny when you row her with me across the waters to reach the paradise! Don’t you see that?”

Lost in his eyes she slowly looses the hold of the gown. When it was about to go off her grip he held it back for her in her hands.

“After sunrise tomorrow wait for me by the waters. Our paradise isn’t far away!”

Not giving her the time to take the surprise answer, he turned away to leave gently pressing her hands and then her finger tips.

Dusk to dawn she did not sleep a wink. Under the tall coconut tree hugging her velvet gown she sat waiting for the dark curtain of the nature to unveil. Under the moonlight she wandered on the sand, sometimes made patterns, built castles in the mud, and sang her heart out.

Slowly the birds joined her in chorus. The sun rose illuminating the world with a magnificent red radiance. She rose up holding her long white velvet gown looking at the star with boundless happiness and hope, breathing deeper while she waited anxiously. She looked at the boat as though communicating her ecstacy to her. The waters were merily teasing the shores. Her prince charming would come. They would sail across the world to the land of ultimate happiness and love, a utopia anybody could ever dream of.

Time ran in hours but nothing changed within her. He probably must be preparing for the voyage said her heart. Time ran in hours and her heart wore a double face, hope and despair met each other. Time ran in hours and she sank by the waters looking through the think green cover hoping he would appear like a ray of light in a dark tunnel. The nature gradually dropped the veil. The boat wore a dismal look yet again dissapointed by another duo. Yet again, another prince charming hadn’t returned. Yet again, the waters hadn’t wet another long white velvet gown….

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


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