Haunting Randomness

3 o’clock in the afternoon, through the shut windows the sound of raindrops and rustling of leaves in the after rain breeze. The dark clouds allowing less light to reflect through the broken window pane. Nearing to darkness, gloom hovering the room. A mind restrained from listening to the euphony of the wind chimes. The dampness so unpleasant so undesirable. The cold floor tickling the lazy bare sole that crawls back slowly to a pampering self hug. What’s with the space? what’s with the time? why was the random mind turning these down? Looks like it started to rain again, the sound gets faster, heavier, and conquered the uneven silence.

4 o’clock in the afternoon, the darker shade of dusk filling every corner of the room. The spine trembles as though trying to shove off the stroke of moisture in the air. A random mind restrains from listening to the agony of an empty stomach. A dirty drenched cat was mewing nervously from a distance,  as though urging me to search for the voice that was growing faint. What’s with the mind? What’s with its randomness? Why was the past so ignorant of future?  The rain doesn’t seem to stop, had the whole sky got suicidal waiting to fall off since six months?

5 o’clock in the evening, the eyes are struggling to grab a vision. In the same way like they were four years ago. The stomach had ceased  to hurt, probably gave up the protests of unattended pangs. Just like those dreams, left behind, forgotten, neglected….. some time back those were the dreams. Now to look back and see, the desire still wants to come back, but blocked by uncertainties, pain, fear, failure. What a sharp sting of memory that was, what a sudden reminiscence, a twitch and a drop escapes after a vain attempt to hold back. Anyway, it was a good exercise to go back to a once confident self when the vision had time to take shape before falling off….oh! No no…. before dropping off!

6 O’clock in the evening, the door bell rang. The random mind shook up with a jerk. The undesirable feeling of the unpleasant dampness, the cold floor hugging the bare sole, the uneven silence were all again back.

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